Collaborate with us 5th Annual Targeted Protein Degradation Summit 

October 25-28, 2022

Aragen is excited to be at the 5th Annual Targeted Protein Degradation Summit from 25-28 October 2022 and would be delighted to meet you in-person. Our team of experts will share details on our scientific solutions that can help advance PROTACs towards clinical success.

Aragen has the expertise and experience to successfully execute and drive TPD-based programs. Our capabilities include

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in TPD modality
  • Several ongoing collaborations with large and small biotechs focusing on the design, development, and characterization of degraders
  • Dedicated reagent generation team offering a full suite of services for the production of proteins (E3 ligases, E3 ligase complexes, target proteins) and recombinant cell lines (expressing target, multi-protein complex etc.) for in vitro screening assays

Let us help you discover applications and development of such degraders and speed up time-to-market opportunities. 

If you’d prefer to schedule a meeting, request you to please fill the details.  

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