Whitepaper - Preclinical evaluation of vaccines and antivirals in RSV challenge rodent models

The team of experts at Aragen enables successful IND-enabling preclinical RSV therapeutic development studies by providing appropriate study designs, the right animal models, and confirming effective immune response by performing in vivo and in vitro assays. 

At Aragen the testing of novel molecules takes place in around 2 months from initial dose administration to the harvesting of the organs. 

Aragen has delivered over 100 successful RSV studies (30-150 animals/study) and have tested small molecules, large molecule, and vaccines for past and existing clients/ partners. We have expertise to develop models as per client specification with customized studies.

Download this white paper authored by Dr Nagendra Ningaraj which presents several case studies performed in clinically relevant mouse and rat models to assess the critical characteristics of potential RSV therapeutics.

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