Preclinical Evaluation of new Antifibrotics in Corona mouse Virus-Induced Fibrosis Model

Aragen scientists have developed a mouse corona virus model to study lung Fibrosis for BSLII studies along with other 17 fibrosis models, including lung, liver, kidney, scleroderma, NASH-Fibrosis and Biliary Fibrosis. Our scientists also have extensive experience and expertise with preclinical IPF rodent, including Corona mouse Virus-Induced Fibrosis model for testing new antifibrotic drugs.

Aragen has more than 75 years of combined experience in fibrosis preclinical service, with over 600 successful fibrosis studies for 50+ customers. >10 programs advanced in Phase II clinical studies. Our preclinical fibrosis services aid in the discovery and characterization of clinically relevant molecules or pathways involved in the progression of fibrotic diseases.

Download this whitepaper authored by Dr Nagendra Ningaraj which includes in-house as well as client-sponsored study data developed over several years using rodent models.

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